Lynne is the Vice President of Exam Production. Having come up the ranks in the title industry from Examiner to Director of Operations and eventually to Vice President, Lynne brings several decades of expert title knowledge and business acumen to Action Title Research. Lynne has worked with some of the best minds in the title industry over the years, and through her hard work and attention to detail, ultimately became known as one herself. When approached to create a technical system specializing in title insurance, Lynne jumped at the opportunity. Her knowledge and experience were and are pivotal in the creation and progression of the Action Enterprise System, the application which governs the lifecycle and processing flow of every order Action receives. By fine-tuning the entire workflow from order entry right through to delivery, AES offers a user-friendly and optimized experience for the examination and processing of title insurance matters. Lynne continues to innovate for Action, working on any given day as a production manager, expert title examiner, and product designer for new AES features simultaneously. She is fluent in both NJ and PA title matters, and works tirelessly to improve an already excellent system to meet every specification. Ever ready to assist Action’s personnel and its clients, Lynne is ‘all in’ with her approach to Action Title Research, and to the title industry as a whole.