3 Methods to Help Automate Your Title Agency in Your Quest for Growth

Sep 21, 2022

Undoubtedly, many title agencies are adversely affected by the recent shifts in our economy and the impact on property transactions. Just six months ago, we were scrambling to keep up as an industry. Now, given falling volumes, the challenge we often hear about is leaders scrambling to keep their teams productive. What if there was a way to maintain high staff productivity, achieve healthier margins, and deliver excellent service even when volume fluctuations occur? The big idea here is to leverage technology and partnerships to both streamline what have been highly manual processes and enhance the product you’re delivering to your clients. It’s about “faster,” “better,” and “more profitable.” In this blog, we’ll share three methods for automating your agency.

Across numerous industries, digital transformation using technology and processes is reshaping how work gets done and helping companies of all sizes be more agile. Employees can focus on high-value activities instead of manual, error-prone, and lengthy processes, which can bring more fulfillment and engagement and better experiences for one’s clients. As Baby Boomers are slowly retiring across all industries — and being replaced with Millennials — employees are demanding a better work experience where they can deliver exceptional value. This extends to the Title and Policy Production industry. We need to embrace that in creating work environments where employees thrive.

Old processes can bog down title agencies, burdening them with fixed costs that produce little return, especially as volumes fluctuate. Here are three significant challenges title agencies face in today’s ever-changing financial and employment landscape:

  • Staffing shortages
  • Labor-intensive back-office tasks
  • Consistently delivering exceptional customer experiences in the quest for the painless close

Given these common challenges, how does an automated digital title agency operate? It focuses its employees on delivering world-class client service while relying on flexible, fast technology to complete repetitive processes commonly found in title production. Ready to start transforming your title agency into a digital title agency — and create exceptional client experiences along the way? Here are three approaches to begin your digital transformation.

1. Automate Back-Office Title and Policy Production Processes

Let’s face it: speed and error minimization is everything when closing. To increase operational efficiencies, it’s time to look closely at how to speed up slow, manual, back-office processes with technology. At Action Title Research, you’ll find fast title production turnaround with SmartSearchTM, which combines technology and innovative processes to deliver a robust, easily transportable digital record far more comprehensive than a traditional county search. The SmartSearch data records easily integrate into common automated title production software platforms. Technical innovation frees your team members to be more client-facing and focused on activities that maximize client experiences while delivering top-notch, agency-branded title production to clients. Our expertise extends to Policy Production too — you can lean on us for both title and policy production. No need to get backed up and face the risk of upsetting lenders.

2. Stay Agile as Business Ebbs and Flows

As you transform into a fully automated title company, it’s crucial to have the ability to flex title and policy production capacity up and down with business demand. Automating title and policy production workflows makes this easier. So why not leverage a resource that can flex with you, treating production costs as variable, not fixed, while delivering the brand you are known for?

With more than 20 years of experience in title production, Action Title Research allows you to scale your title production far higher than your current capabilities without adding tons of fixed costs. We think of it as “Title and Policy Production as a Service.”

3. Provide an Excellent Client Experience with Proactive Updates

Clients these days expect timely service and transparent communication throughout the buying experience, including title production. These expectations are fueled by a society conditioned on instant results. Unfortunately, title work has historically been complex, time-consuming, and not so transparent. It’s time to catch up with the expectation of consumers.

Action Title Research can help you crank up volumes, easily launch and integrate ancillary searches, accelerate workflows without impacting quality, and free up your staff for client-facing activities to deliver an overall great client experience.

How Action Title Research Can Automate Your Title Agency

Accuracy, consistency, and speed win every time. So let Action Title Research help your title agency begin the digital transformation process. Reach out to learn how our technology and services will enable you to significantly flex your title production capacity while continuing to deliver an exceptional, on-time experience to your clients. We’re making it easy, on a limited-time and quantity basis, for qualified agencies to try Action Title’s SmartSearch product at no charge. We want to coinvest time and energy with agencies serious about growth and are open to using technology to help fuel that growth. See firsthand the “Action” difference and make an informed determination if it’s right for you. We could be your quick start towards automating and scaling your business. Achieve your goals of “faster,” “better,” and “more profitable” while you scale your business.

Reach out to learn how our technology and services will enable you to significantly flex your title production capacity while continuing to deliver an exceptional, on-time experience to your clients.