Action Title Research extends technology and know-how to its ATR Title Production as a Service™ offerings, namely: SmartSearch™, ATR SmartStax™, ATR SmartDox™ and ATR County Search. Making extensive use of AES, our proprietary workflow automation platform, we help you process titles faster and more accurately, fitting with your brand and underwriter requirements to complete last-mile policy generation.


Action Title Research extends technology and know-how to everything we do through our Title Production as a Service (TPaaS) offerings, namely: SmartSearch, ATR SmartStax, ATR SmartDox and ATR County Search. Making extensive use of AES, our proprietary workflow automation platform, we help our clients process titles faster and more accurately, fitting with your brand and underwriter requirements to complete last-mile policy generation.


  • County Search and client-selected SmartStax ancillary search results put through extensive internal QC checks
  • Type Legal descriptions that have been verified for accuracy
  • Title Alert Letter – explaining what the searches revealed
  • Two pre-closing searches
  • Digital uploading of all documents
  • Easily means to export data to leading title production software platforms
  • The data and information required to generate the pre-commitment letter


To help you easily organize the ordering of your ancillary search needs we created ATR SmartStax™. Whether you’re closing on residential or commercial properties or searching a property in foreclosure, the kinds of searches you need can be varied and confusing. They can differ from state to state, county to county, and you might not discover some of them until you’re halfway into the process. That can slow things down. To help get you organized we created ATR SmartStax™, a means for ordering ancillary searches on top of county searches. Our experts will assess your property’s location and needs and bundle the required searches. Getting the right “Stax” is critical to a fast and smooth closing. SmartStax is another excellent example of ATR’s Title Production as a Service offering. You order the services as a bundle as needed and avoid the costs and overhead of dealing with multiple vendors.


  • ATR Residential SmartStax™ – Residential searches aren’t always straightforward. That’s why we look at every transaction holistically. Building off your core SmartSearch or County Search, we bundle the necessary ancillary searches into one convenient “Residential Stax.” Examples could include a Municipal Tax Search,  Prothonotary Searches, and Surrogate Searches. In addition, Tideland, Wetlands, and Flood Searches would be in order in some states. Let us be your one-stop-shop for every search you need.
  • ATR Commercial SmartStax™When it comes to organizing and completing a commercial project there is way more to consider. The extra layers and added complexities come with the territory. Examples of what can be included in a commercial ATR SmartStax™ are Trade Name Searches, State or County UCC Searches, or a Franchise Tax Search. Let our experts help you know what searches are appropriate for your property.
  • ATR Foreclosure SmartStax™ – – Foreclosure projects can have hidden surprises around every corner. To make life easier, we can package all the necessary searches you’ll need to get to the next step of the foreclosure process. So let our foreclosure experts help you package the right ATR SmartStax™ to save you time and move forward with confidence.


  • Up-to-date assessment with tax maps
  • Legal description verification
  • Historical ownership confirmation
  • Strongest local searcher network in the Northeast
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Use of AES workflow guidance technology
  • Strong QC and Search best practices


Think of ATR SmartDox as the last step in the mile-long journey to issue a title insurance policy. Digitally turning commitments into policies, ATR SmartDox™ fit into your workflows, track the removal of liens and encumbrances, generate new deeds, and write title insurance policies to align with underwriter commitments. Plus, our post-close search process ensures everything is satisfied before the deed is prepared and the policy is issued. And through this, we can quickly identify orders that have issues to resolve post-closing and track resolution. Which means you get offloaded while the underwriter and lender’s need to quickly close out policy generation is satisfied. So why not bring your policy production queue in for a landing and “close on the close” confidently. Schedule a discovery call with our post-close experts to learn more.


  • Quickly and confidently turns commitments into policies
  • Tracks and confirms satisfaction of prior liens and encumbrances
  • Updates and copies essential documents
  • Confirms current ownership information
  • Documents including legal descriptions uploaded into title production software
  • Reduces backlog of policy production