As an underwriter, accuracy is job #1. After all, claims cost money, time, and your reputation. With over 20 years in business and over two million searches performed, we are proud to say that we have a non-claim rate of 99.99999%. But we continue to strive for absolute perfection, building and refining our products, technology, and workflows that allow us to deliver exceptional service through a variable cost model. Let us help you perfect the close and feel comfortable recommending us to your network of title agencies and attorneys, or in using us to supplement or build out internal processes. Our solutions integrate with the market’s most popular title production software

Think of us as TPaaS (Title Production as a Service), meaning you can rely on us for a range of products and services to integrate with your workflows like a utility model. For example, use SmartSearch™ to handle searches, examinations, and commitment letter preparations. This will give you the capacity to scale with demand and treat title production as a variable cost. By leveraging our expertise, technology, and modernized workflows, we can help your teams, clients, title agencies and attorneys increase profits while reducing the risk of errors and omissions


If you own or lead a title agency, the quest for that perfect close can feel elusive. But with over two decades of title research in the Northeast we’ve learned what it takes to be accurate, fast, and efficient. And it starts with talent. Finding and retaining great talent is difficult no matter what the economy is doing. That’s why we built one of the best title production processes in the business and support it with some of the best talent in the industry. If your challenge is scaling and offloading your key talent, you’re probably a great candidate for our Title Production as a Service™ (TPaaS™) solutions. TPaaS™ combines high tech with high touch and can help you create the perfect balance between demand and your capacity to fulfill it. From searches and examinations to title commitment prep and post-close services, our workflows integrate with the leading title production software, too. Just send us a few jobs and we’ll prove it to you.

Take the heavy lifting off your shoulders. Title Officers, your role can be daunting, especially as workloads pick up, deadlines loom, and the risk of errors and omissions begin to mount. This is where ATR can help immediately. Using our Title Production as a Service™ (TPaaS™) you can streamline your search and production workflows and achieve scale far easier. You can request the searches you need and have them delivered quickly as digital records that integrate with just about any title production software on the market. In addition, our SmartSearch™ offering includes QCʼing by expert examiners and generates pre-commitment letters that are quickly turned into commitments. All of which allows your team to stay at the center of the transactions, keep complete visibility over your orders, and allows everyone to stay focused on what matters most – a quick closing with no errors.


As an attorney, you’re concerned with speed, accuracy, organization and a well-informed closing for your clients. To help with the search, you could lean on your underwriter, an independent searcher, or even do it yourself, time permitting (yeah, right). Better yet, let us deliver what you’re looking for. Many underwriters will even indemnify ATR when we are used. Additionally, we have a $5 million errors and omissions policy to help protect you. Not to mention over twenty years of experience and two million transactions with a non-claim rate exceeding 99.99999%.

Place your orders directly with us or have your underwriter pass it over. Either way, you’ll benefit from our quality work and speed.


As a lender, a home loan is an asset that you want to secure from any post-close title problems that could threaten its valuation and the income it generates. The most efficient way to do that is by deploying our Title Production as a Service™ (TPaaS™). Powered by our proprietary AES software, TPaaS™ provides rock-solid protection against claims by quickly uncovering potential risks. With an advanced workflow that features role-based guidance engines, AES takes a consistent approach to reduce the possibilities of errors and omissions while speeding up the closing process. All of which means underwriters, title agencies, real estate attorneys, and your borrower can be confident that the asset is locked down and protected.

Recommend ATR to your partners and know that you have another member of your team relentlessly pursuing the perfect close for every client, every time.