The Top 5 Pages to Copy in a Mortgage for an Effective Title Search

Aug 16, 2023

A thorough title search requires careful examination of specific pages within a mortgage document. These pages hold essential information that significantly impacts the title search process. This blog post will highlight the five necessary pages to be copied from a mortgage when conducting a title search.

1. Names and Lender

The first page of a mortgage document contains pertinent information, including the names of the parties involved and the lender. When performing a title search, it is crucial to copy this page to accurately identify the parties responsible for the mortgage and establish the lender’s role. This information should directly align with your deed information and is essential for maintaining a comprehensive record and ensuring a smooth transaction.

2. Mortgage Amount

Copying the page that details the mortgage amount is paramount in the title search process. This page documents the specific loan amount, providing key information for determining the financial obligations associated with the mortgage. Accurately recording the mortgage amount is vital for verifying lien priority and understanding the financial impact on the property.

3. Legal Description for Property Confirmation

Confirming the property’s legal description is necessary for identifying the boundaries and characteristics of the property. Copying this page is essential. The legal description is a reference point for validating the property’s identity, ensuring it aligns with the intended transaction. Sometimes on this page, you will find a policy number (i.e. TitleCo-987), which will be marked on all correlating documents, including the deed.  Carefully documenting this information is Imperative for a comprehensive title search.

4. Signatures and Power of Attorneys

Copying the page that displays the parties’ signatures is essential for a thorough title search. This page provides evidence of the individuals or entities involved in the mortgage transaction and their agreement to the terms outlined in the document. It also indicates if any mortgagee is using a power of attorney, who will need to be searched for the same duration as the property owners to ensure any additional documents that affect the property are captured. By recording the signatures, title searchers can verify the mortgage’s authenticity and legality and establish the parties’ intent.

5. Associated Documents: Extensions, Modifications, and Satisfaction

This isn’t a page to copy per se; however, any associated documents must be obtained. In addition to the primary mortgage document, it is important to copy any associated documents that may affect the mortgage’s terms and conditions. Copying these pages ensures a complete record of changes or updates related to the mortgage. Analyzing these documents is vital for assessing the current status of the mortgage and identifying potential impacts on the property’s title.


Performing a meticulous title search is a challenge. Securing accurate data from the mortgage involves copying and analyzing specific pages that contain crucial information. Title searchers can ensure a comprehensive mortgage examination by focusing on the first page with names and the lender, the mortgage amount page, the legal description page, the signature page, and associated documents like extensions, modifications, and satisfaction records. This diligent approach guarantees accuracy and minimizes risks during the transaction process.

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Contact Action Title Research today or visit our website to learn more about our title production services and download our white paper, “In Pursuit of The Error-Free Close.”