Sometimes, It’s Challenging to Spot Change

Dec 29, 2022

Sometimes, it’s challenging to spot change. It’s probably because change abounds us. It’s consistent and is seemingly occurring faster, so seeing and appreciating a singular change is hard. Yet intentional change initiated by highly inspired people is hard to miss. A company culture that inspires its people to take risks and create positive change can accomplish great things and thrive. When Scott and I started ATR twenty years ago, we were filled with the hopes, ambitions, a bit of naivety of youth and belief with all our hearts that we could instigate positive change within the industry. Change that would improve the lives of people, our clients, and even our competitors through our own people being encouraged to think differently. To challenge the status quo and push the envelope. Sure, there are the roadblocks and occasional setbacks, but embracing change, however scary, drives growth for people, companies, and industries. It can bring out the best in us. So, having our clients and partners share how they’ve benefited from the changes we introduced and how they impacted them for the better is particularly gratifying. I’m proud to share a video from our good friends, who happen to be one of the largest commercial insurers in the Northeast, and our valued client, Town Title Agency. Truth be known, we didn’t ask Joe Ciambrone to create this video for us. He was being filmed for another project by our creative agency, Eighty6, unrelated to ATR. ATR came up during the shoot and he volunteered to say a few words about us. We are thrilled to bring positive change and add value to the title research ecosystem through our SmartSearchTM solution and benefit companies like Town Title.

Thank you, Joe Ciambrone, from Town Title, for the kind words

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