Title Production Services

When you need more than an old-fashioned county search, Action SmartSearch is the answer.

Configurable options for title and settlement agencies

Delivered into many title software platforms

Action SmartSearch®

A better way to deliver title search results.

Tailored for Your Agency Needs

Configurable title report formats

Delivery to many title & settlement software platforms

Automated supplemental search ordering options


Eliminates the re-typing of property search details into title insurance software systems

Streamlines the agency’s preparation of the Commitment to Insure Title

Ensures consistent quality and accuracy between search results and insurance needs


Title findings are checked for over 2,600 defects before delivery

Supplemental searches are ordered and tracked with your property search

Multi-layered quality controls

Don’t be caught short-handed when order volume spikes or staff is on vacation. Action has experienced title professionals on-staff for New Jersey, Pennsylvania Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine title examinations.

Hundreds of Title insurance agencies rely on Action Title Research

Agencies of all sizes use Action for their title search needs. In addition to standard county searches, Action provides tailored production services and ancillary search ordering to help title agents prepare their Commitments and be ready for closings. Explore our title production services page to learn more.

The SmartSearch Difference

Comprehensive title reports include current owner vesting, liens/mortgages and legal description

Title Alert Letter highlights important search details

Quality controlled processes and fast delivery

The Action SmartSearch can be delivered into the following title software platforms:





Title Express


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