Post-Closing Services

Action’s post-closing services expedite your title policy issuance and close-out tasks.

Verify new deed and mortgage recordings

Confirm that prior liens and encumbrances have been satisfied of record

Prepare data for title insurance policies

Post-Closing Title Searches

Order your title update/cover record to verify new title information after closing.

Fast turn-around

Easy to read

Identifies readiness for policy preparation

Behind on Policy Production?

Policy Preparation Services

Action performs the post-closing title searches and delivers the data required to issue the title insurance policy.

Be compliant with ALTA Best Practice-Pillar #5

Quickly catch up on policy backlogs without disrupting your current title and closing workflow

Gain clarity and insight into which orders have issues to resolve post-closing

Organize and flag problem files so they are easy to identify and track to completion

Ready for a Reliable, Accurate, and Consistent Title Search Partner?

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