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Policy Production

Are you behind on your policy production? Backlogs keeping you from closing-out your files?

At Action Title Research, our post-closing service team is ready to handle any size backlog and we’ll keep your files moving after closing. Action’s local search and policy preparation experts can help you get policies out the door with ease.

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    Action SmartSearch

    Title search with production services

    Title reports and services tailored for each state

    Title searches are abstracted and delivered into many title software platforms

    Standard Title Searches

    Title search without production services

    Present owner, two-owner, fulls, and more

    Supplemental Searches

    Ancillary searches needed for closing? Action has you covered

    Order individually or bundle supplemental searches with your title search order for delivery

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    Brandi L. Kinsey
    Executive Vice President, Business Development

    Brandi joined Action Title Research in 2017 following the acquisition of her company, Central Property Search, where she was co-owner and President for 27 years. She brings extensive title search experience to her role, including deep knowledge of Pennsylvania land title search, insurance-related issues, and leading teams towards success. Brandi quickly assimilated into the Action team sharing her knowledge and expertise, collaborating to deliver better solutions while building relationship with clients and industry partners.

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