Action Title & Eastland under one roof

Action Title Research is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Eastland Title Services. This is a great fit for our organization and for our customers serving the northeast corridor. For over ten years, Eastland has been providing property research services throughout New England. The acquisition puts Action into new states quickly where we can grow the roots that Eastland has established in the region.

To download the full press release, please click here.

Together we combine our tools and technology with local search expertise to extend our best-in-class title search services to Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine!


Action & Eastland Stronger Together

  • One-Stop-Shop for all your search and title production needs
  • Larger geographic footprint including:
    • New Jersey
    • Pennsylvania
    • Connecticut
    • Rhode Island
    • Massachusetts
    • New Hampshire
    • Maine
  • Full integration with your title software to process and track your order and streamline commitment schedule delivery
  • Bundled search products including commercial search expertise, recording services and commitment production
  • High quality, fast delivery and low-cost full-service title solution
  • Local experts

More Value for You

Schedule a call with us to explore our SmartSearch, new geographic offerings and competitive pricing! We are looking forward to help you.

Christian Thompson, VP Business Development

Onward & Upward

As Action Title expands to include the Northeastern Corridor, we can now capitalize on our 20 years of experience and infrastructure in the real estate industry. I am looking forward to bringing my passion for market analytics, and larger real estate trends to help you meet your goals. As the industry continues to move away from an analogue approach to a fully integrated digital product, I have never been more optimistic about the future of our industry. With Action’s investment in title search and delivery technology, we are more prepared than ever before to help you grow and succeed to meet whatever demands you may face.